MYA is always looking for great volunteers and educators to help with our organization. Each week we have adult “greeters”” to work the door. The meetings are hosted by two adult facilitators, who have great communication skills, and the ability to connect with youth.

Outside of weekly meetings, we sometimes need chaperones or other assistance in planning activities. We are always on the lookout for those with skills in fundraising and grant writing who are passionate about our mission.

Anyone interested in learning more about volunteering should email us at myayouthgroup@gmail.com.


Tax-deductible monetary donations are used to fund various MYA activities throughout the year. While MYA has received some grant funding, over the years, our predominate source of income is from private donors.

Please know, that any gift goes directly to the programming and activities for our youth it is the generosity of others that has allowed MYA to continue to serve glbt youth and allies for 12 years!

For more information about Volunteering or Donating to MYA email President Joanne Glusman at myayouthgroup@gmail.com.